Khadas Vim

Welcome to our new page regarding Khadas Vim SBC.
We use Khadas model VIM3 PRO with 32GB internal emmc memory and 4GB ram. For the moment we try to use Manjaro (Plasma) as OS and will later try Ubuntu as the default OS for this lovely small computer – with real power. We really love these boards.

What we want to accomplish with this SBC, is to create a desktop computer with Khadas Vim 3 pro inside and participate in the Khadas’ 1st Community Competition starting in January 2022. Hope we can contribute with warm and good ideas for everyone.

The plan is to create a solid and cool cabinet (box/case) for the Khadas Vim 3 series SBC.

We are 2 persons. First is Morten Steenberg and then is Bernhard Eide who is the backers for this idea and stands behind all plans we do with this Khadas project in the future.

The XVIM project

  • Create a custom box for Khadas Vim 3 pro.

We see this project in 3 groups:

  1. A way for all to purchase parts in this project. The hardware stuff.
  2. Develop STL files and support revisions/dates when we update parts to people who want to print the parts themselves. possibly sell parts, if we have luck in this contest. We will try to make all parts modular for future use.
  3. Software development and some documentation part at last – to help people learn and use this computer. This means developing tips and tricks for the Khadas VIM SBC’s and perhaps some small software drivers for the OLED display, we plan to use with this case.

Please remember and respect – all STL models, software, etc are under development and are *not* finished yet. We trying hard to accomplish our goals this spring.

You must self-select colors and multicolors options. We building the chase, and have not the time to help you with color painting, decals, or multicolors printing. You have to solve this by yourself.
Feel free to feel the freedom in colors on your xvim case.

For the moment we do not have time to start a local forum here on our server. Yes, we know WordPress supports it, but working with this project limit this. We will participate through Khadas forums for the moment. We will try to *not* start discussions that take up all our time here. —88—

STL Files for Standard model
Support for Oled display, m2 SSD (via m2x board), front power button, front sd card reader, high current USB 2.0 port in front, and optional standard 5v fan.


This is the top plate of the XVIM Standard model.

Version: 06
Published: 18.1.2022

This is the main front of the XVIM Standard model. This STL file consists of 6 different parts to be printed separately.

Version: 23
Published: 18.1.2022

This is the lower part of the XVIM cabinet. For the moment there are only 3 screws holes.

Version: 6
Published: 17.1.2022

The backplate of the XVIM cabinet. Easy access to the backside of the Khadas Vim’s from here. There is also an extra standard power socket to use here.

Version: 5
Published: 17.1.2022

Left sidewall for the XVIM cabinet. Use 4 x M3 screws of 6mm length. This should have a sunken head. This part also has support for a standard 5VOLTS 40MM FAN. Please use M3 screws with about 12MM length.

Version: 13
Published: 17.1.2022

Right sidewall for the XVIM cabinet. Use 4 x M3 screws of 6mm length. This should have a sunken head. We are working for support for the “3 buttons” on Vim later.

Version: 10
Published: 17.1.2022

This is the main insert plate for XVIM, the standard model. This plate is designed for Khadas Vim 3 models. This release has also support for an SD Card reader and a “power-strong” external USB 2.0 port in the front. The plate is used with Khadas’s New M2X Extension board. We mean this computer has to have support for a hard disk. Remember this stl file also need part 1b and 1c. We are working with support for the “3 buttons” on Vim.

Version: 25
Published: 16.1.2022

You must agree to our Terms and Conditions before you proceed to download. The XVIM project and XVIM cabinet is © Copyright Morten Steenberg and Bernhard Eide.

Please support us.
All the work you see on this page is done with no economic support at this time. We are 2 free souls who want to make the data world simpler and better for all. Please support us with 10 NOK or a dollar.