Diary Notes for Mac


Newest release: v1.8 (October 2019)

Use your Mac as a diary. Diary Notes are excellent to use as a diary for you on the go. The very fast database enables you to search for the text you have stored in your diary in a fraction of a second. You can use your fonts, font sizes and colors for all the text you store in your diary.


  • Excellent calendar view on left
  • List of all your diary entries on a screen
  • Very good text editor with support for fonts and colors
  • Opportunities to drop pictures/drawings into the text
  • A contemporary look and relaxing usage
  • Strong database engine – very fast
  • Support iCloud Drive backup and restore

Finally, a diary application that supports backup and restores to iCloud Drive. This gives you the ultimate opportunity to take care of your diary. With iCloud Drive, you also have the opportunity even to move or copy the database file with the diary to other devices.

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box_diarynotes2The program is intended as a comfortable and simple user experience but also offers you the most important thing – to be able to write and use a diary simple. There are many programs on the market, but unfortunately has many other applications a very tricky way to present what to do and how you do it. We hope that the Diary Notes gives you a better and easier experience when it comes to writing a diary on Mac -The program can also be used as a “pasteboard” or as a cut and paste app to remember notes. Diary Notes offers you a so-useful search function to locate in the text that is made in your diary.

NEWEST RELEASE OCTOBER 2019 : The program includes many thoughtful ideas inherited from previous programs, as the software developer Diary Notes previously made. Diary Notes is the latest program, but many features stemming from earlier work and are very thoroughly tested and proven by many users over the last ten years (2009-2019). FIRST RELEASED IN FALL 2016: This is an ultra-modern app. With the latest features and graphical appearance for Mac OS. Includes one of the fastest database engines on the market, together with a very pleasing appearance.


Diary Notes v1.9 released

  • Minor bugfixes: Diary Notes crashes in some rare circumstances for users who upgrade from v1.1 to v1.8 and got an error “unwrapping a nil value”. Fixed.

Diary Notes v1.8 released

This week (42) (in October 2019) the new version of Diary Notes for macOS will be available on Apple’s AppStore. Apple AppStore just approved the new version. Great!

  • Now Diary Notes have full support for dark mode
  • Esc key do not longer exit program
  • Diary Notes has got its system configuration window
  • Ability to set the default font name, font size and font color for new entries.
  • Major bugfixes and updates in the app, since v1.1
  • Enhanced and improved printout functions in Diary Notes

New version 1.8 is in the Apple’s AppStore review

A new version of Diary Notes is in the review in Apple’s AppStore. There have been some issues and we hope to solve this, so the App can reach AppStore. Else we will ofter direct download her and the opportunity to buy Diary Notes direct via Paypal. Lets us see what Apple comes up with.