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I have removed to top picture on the website

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I have removed the top picture on the website. The image takes most of the view on the page. So, for the moment a have removed it. So there is nothing wrong with the website, only a slight change…

StampleIt – Upcoming Linux program

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Yes, after many years of programming apps for Windows, MacOs and IOS – now I enter the Linux world.

This first app out is StampleIt – a great and delicious program for creating text and image on images. Take a look at the too samples under here:


This program can in a batch job add images and/or text to images. For the moment this app is in beta, and not released to the public yet. The plan is release in December this year (2020). Visit minibase.no later and check out. Some images from the program (this is the Linux/Aarch/Arm release for Raspberry Pi 4):

First MultiOs program
This is my first Multi Os program. This program will be released for a lot of Linux distros first, then Windows 64 bit and at last MacOs.

The first release will be for Linux distros in December 2020.

Latest news

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New page for Raspberry PI 4 and my new power management board XPI
I have created my own page regarding only Raspberry PI 4 and my new power management board, called XPI. Check out my page and download files to enhance your PI now! Click here