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Diary Notes v1.8 released

This week (42) (in October 2019) the new version of Diary Notes for macOS will be available on Apple’s AppStore. Apple AppStore just approved the new version. Great!

  • Now Diary Notes have full support for dark mode
  • Esc key do not longer exit program
  • Diary Notes has got its system configuration window
  • Ability to set the default font name, font size and font color for new entries.
  • Major bugfixes and updates in the app, since v1.1
  • Enhanced and improved printout functions in Diary Notes

Diary Notes v1.1 Released

  • Disabled «Esc key exit» while performing backup and restore functions
  • Improved icons and images used in the app.
  • Added function to delete backup in iCloud Drive from Diary Notes (some people are not comfortable with the file/folder system on a computer. And therefore it is important to have the opportunity to do this from Diary Notes, to delete old backups in iCloud from Diary Notes).
  • Disabled restore and delete backup function when password is not entered.
  • Some small bug fixes and some updates in the documentation.

Diary Notes v1.0 for MAC is Ready

The app Diary Notes is finished and ready to see the World.
The app Diary Notes for Mac is in preview on Apple’s Mac App Store now.
We hope that the program will be approved, so that we can use Apple’s MAC App Store for distribution. Update: The app Diary Notes has been approved by Apple.
And being AVAILABLE via Apple’s Mac App Store next week (week 42).